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The Club has several flight instructors authorized to teach in the Club's planes. Each of these instructors is also a Club member. These instructors are not Club employees, but are simply authorized by the Club to teach in Club aircraft.

Our instructors can help you get your private pilot's license, an instrument rating, or an advanced rating like a commercial license or a flight instructor certificate. With many thousands of hours between them, our CFIs can help you become a safer and more proficient pilot.

Because our instructors are not Club employees they set their own rates, but most generally charge between $40 and $50 per hour. Payment is made directly to the CFI, typically via cash or check, though some may take credit cards.

All of the Club flight instructors are highly experienced and teach for the enjoyment that teaching brings.  All hold FAA certifications to teach in single-engine and multi-engine airplanes, and to teach instrument flying. Feel free to contact any of our instructors with questions or to schedule instruction time:


Kevin Kissinger, Chief Flight Instructor. started to fly in 1974 when he joined a flying club and learned to fly a Cessna 150 for fun.   Kevin became an instructor in 2000 and recently earned his CFI-I rating.   Kevin strives to provide pleasant and challenging training that enables pilots to reach their aviation goals.

 Reach Kevin at 660-864-6136, or by email


Trevor Henson soloed at age 16, and had a CFI certificate by age 19.  He is a 2014 graduate of the Kansas State Aviation Program.  In his relatively short teaching career, he has totaled up more than 1,000 hours of instruction.  When not teaching flying, Trevor flies a Phenom 100/300 for Executive Air Shares.

Reach Trevor at 309-258-6181, or by email


Sarah Owens, in her “real life” is  an Air Traffic Controller at the Kansas City Air Route Traffic Control Center.  In 2007 she ventured to the other side of the scope and quickly attained commercial, instrument, and various flight instructor ratings.. In addition to sharing her love of flying with her students, she shares her enthusiasm for flying through her involvement with Pilots ‘n’ Paws, Challenge Air, Women in Aviation, and Girls with Wings.

Reach Sarah at 913-271-4802, or by email

Debbie Wadhams has been teaching fling for 23 years She is a Gold Seal instructor, and was the CFI of the year for the FAA Kansas City region in 2010.  She has guided many students through all of the FAA ratings, Private through Airline Transport, as well as various levels of instructor.  Debbie is certified by the American Bonanza Society to “teach Beech” .DEBBIE IS CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW PRIVATE PILOT STUDENTS

 Reach Debbie at 913-206-0883, or by email

Chris Hope began teaching in 1972. He holds an FAA Gold Seal Instructor rating, is a five-time Master CFI, and in 2018 was named the FAA Flight Instructor of the Year for the Midwest region..  His website is Chris is certified by the American Bonanza Society to “teach Beech”.

Reach Chris at 816-763-5205, or by email

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