Flying Club of Kansas City


The Club’s documents are held in a Drop Box account, and access is limited to Club members. 

The sign-in for Drop Box is

The password is Tiger191GC

Documents include:

Aircraft Manuals
    N4803P (Debonair)
    N182WK (Cessna 182)
    N5163V (Cessna 172 RG)
    N81673 (Piper Archer)
    N3892Q (Cessna 172)
Aircraft Checklists

    N4803P (Debonair)
    N182WK (Cessna 182)
    N5163V  (Cessna 172 RG)
    N81673 (Piper Archer)
    N3892Q (Cessna 172)

Club Documents
     Meeting Minutes
     Operations Manual
     Organizational Documents
     Application for Membership / Covenant not to Sue

Club Membership Roster

Maintenance Documents

Checkout Documents and Annual Review Documents

Blank Forms (a storage place for various Club forms)

All aircraft checkout  forms and questionnaires are found in “Checkout Documents and Annual Review Documents”

Checkout and annual review requirements:

For checkout in first club plane - complete:
         Questionnaire for plane
         Local Area Questionnaire

For subsequent checkouts - complete:
        Questionnaire for plane
        For Debonair - join the Anmerican Bonanza Society ( anc complete the BPPP Training Course (Training /
        pilot training / ABS on-line learning center)

For Annual Review - complete:
        Questionnaire for all planes checkout in
         Local Area Questionnaire

All aircraft checkout  forms and questionnaires are found in “Checkout Documents and Annual Review Documents”

If, when you open a folder in DropBox and you do not see what you expect, it is often because you are automatically opening in your own account and not in the Club account.  (You are in the correct forest, but in the wrong tree.)  Try this:

1. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, click on the smiley face.  This will display another smiley face immediately below, with your sign-in name.

2. If you are in the Club account, you will see the name “Flying Club Kansas City”.  If you do not see this sign-in name, drop down and click on “Sign Out”

3. Sign back in with “”, and the password “Tiger191GC”.  This will get you into the correct tree, but perhaps on the wrong limb of the tree.

4. On the left side of the screen, click on “Files”.  This is the top of the correct tree.

5. Double Click “Flying Club Documents”, and you will see the entire file structure with all of the club’s shared files.

 NOTE: if you think you are in and you cannot see the file structure with these instructions, call Chris at 816-763-5205

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