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We have established a Maintenance hot line that members may leave a voice on day or night to report an issue with an airplane. This voice mail will be routed to all Crew Chiefs as well as the Chief Maintenance Officer so we can review the issue.

The hot line number is 913-390-3386

Here are some guidelines on how you should report issues:

  • Any issue of consequence to other pilots should be noted in the Squawk List in the Airplane
  • The member should also leave a voice mail on the hotline with that issue
  • All messages left on the hot line MUST include the following information:
    • Aircraft N#
    • Pilots Name
    • Detailed description of the problem
    • Whether you noted the issue on the Squawk List.
  • Urgent issues should be immediately communicated to the Crew Chief or Chief Maintenance Officer via phone, text or email.
  • Reviewing the squawk list that is kept in the airplane should always be part of your preflight preparation

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