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All cross-country trips exceeding 5 nights must be requested in writing (a simple email is sufficient) and be approved by at least two (2) Board members. A Flight request must be submitted and approved at least 3 days prior to the flight, and should be submitted 10 days in advance for proper scheduling. Requests must note the destination, duration of the trip, estimated flight time (round-trip), and estimated cost. If the estimated cost of the flight exceeds $400, at least 50% of the estimated cost must be pre-paid.

Cross Country trips less than 5 nights do not require approval, but Members are required to note their destination airport on the Schedule.

It is the individual pilots responsibility to submit an email Cross Country Request to at least 2 board members for approval. Submission via email is accepted and encouraged.

The Club imposes a minimum charge of 1 hour per day. This means if you take the airplane for 5 days, you must put at least 5 hours on the airplane. If you do not, you will be charged for 5 hours anyway. 

Use the Cross Country Cost Estimator to get an idea of the trip cost.

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