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If you are looking for a way to make flying more affordable, the Flying Club of Kansas City is the place for you. We have a fleet of 7 aircraft and an active community of over 100 members. As a member of a flying club you will be an owner, not a renter. Because of the shared-ownership nature of the Club, you are not paying someone’s profits in the airplane rental rates. As a result, your flying dollar goes much further than renting at local flight schools or FBOs. Also, club members determine how the airplanes are operated, cared for, and upgraded. And finally, our member-to-airplane ratio ensures excellent airplane availability. The club has planes located at both Johnson County Executive and Lee’s Summit Municipal airports.

Easy to join, easy to fly!

Easy to Join, Easy to Fly

Become a member of Kansas City’s oldest and largest flying club. Our club operates a fleet of seven planes that can accomplish any mission you have in mind, from the $100 hamburger to your family vacation. Visit our Membership page to learn more.

Active Community

Active Community

The club holds meetings the second Tuesday of every month. Club members also put together fly outs to interesting places, and sometimes we just want  to hang out with the planes at a hangar party. And we always finish off the year with a Club gift exchange party.

Safety, safety, safety

Safety, Safety, Safety!

We believe that safety is foremost in flying.  Each monthly meeting includes a safety presentation.  Many of these presentations are WINGS credit eligible.  You do not have to be a member to attend.  All local pilots are welcome!