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Here are a few commonly asked questions we receive from prospective users. Hopefully you find the information you are looking for, but if not feel free to head to our Contact page and ask us anything.

Q: How much does it cost to join the club?

A: The total fee to join is shown on the Membership page.

Q: How much are the monthly dues?

A: Monthly dues are shown on the Membership page

Q: What about family memberships?

A: Family memberships are available for an additional initiation fee for two or more additional pilots. There is an additional monthly fee for each pilot. Only immediately family members residing in the same household are eligible. See the Membership page for more details.

Q: What about cross-country availability and daily minimums?

A: Our planes typically fly around 300 hours per year, but with some advanced planning cross countries are easily scheduled. You will also find that our members are typically fairly flexible and are frequently willing to work with each other to resolve scheduling conflicts. The Club rules also require that any cross countries exceeding 3 nights be approved by the Board. Such approval is routinely granted, but the process is in place to retain an element of fairness in scheduling. To get an idea of how busy our planes are, sign in as a guest on our on-line scheduling system.
Visit: FlightCircle
Password: #1ClubInKC

A: As for daily minimums, the Club imposes a 1-hour per day minimum. In other words, if you take the airplane for 5 days, you must put at least 5 hours on the airplane or be billed for the difference.

Q: What if I am only a student pilot, can I still join?

A: Yes, we welcome students and have a number of Instructors who can help you get your license.

Q: How much does a private pilot’s license cost?

A: The FAA requires that a private pilot applicant have at least 40 hours of flight time, though most people require 45 or so in order to be fully prepared for their checkride. Of that 45 hours, approximately 35 will be with an instructor.