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Go Fly!

From time to time, people ask us, “Where can we go?” Our answer, “With wings, anywhere”. Here are some of our favorite restaurant destinations (distances listed are from Johnson County Executive Airport).

Airport Airport Code Distance Destination
Miami County K81 20.3 NM We-B-Smokin
Philip Billard Municipal KTOP 43.4 NM Billard’s Landing Café
Rosecrans Memorial KSTJ 56.1 NM Airport Café
Lincoln Municipal OR2 71.1 NM Estes Drive In
Bolivar Municipal M17 99.7 NM
Grand Glaize K15 106.3 NM Culpeepers
Beaumont Hotel SN07 110.5 NM Beaumont Hotel Cafe
Columbia Regional KCOU 117.8 NM Skyline Café
Jefferson City Memorial KJEF 121.9 NM Nick’s Family Restaurant
Lloyd Stearman Field 1K1 129.1 NM Stearman Field Bar & Café
Turkey Mountain Estates MO00 144.7 NM Landings Café
Strother Field KWLD 148.3 NM Landing Strip
Gaston’s 3M0 182 NM Gaston’s Restaurant

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Looking for additional excuses to fly? Check into some of these options: