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The Flying Club of Kansas City is a private flying club in the Kansas City area, and invites applications for membership from anyone, student pilots through ATPs. The club currently operates seven aircraft. The Club’s membership includes FAA Certificated Flight Instructors who are qualified to give instruction in all of the Club’s airplanes and can help you get your pilot’s license, an instrument rating, or any other advanced rating you desire. Instruction by a CFI who are not a club member is not allowed. Full details are available from our President, Bob Winney, and Vice President, Tim Bleish.

Contact Bob at 913-706-2101 or email. Tim can be reached at 913-226-8399 or email.

How to Join

Joining is easy. All you need to do is review the information below, submit an Application, pay the requisite fees plus first month’s dues, and execute and submit a Covenant Not to Sue. All of this paperwork, and the payment, should be forwarded to the address on the application form. Upon receipt, your application packet will be presented to the Club’s Board of Directors for review. If the Board is satisfied that your application is in good order, a vote will be taken. You will then be asked to meet with the Club President for a brief, informal interview, which will likely be followed by official acceptance of your application. If you have any problems with your membership application, please email

The Club offers both individual and family memberships

Individual Membership
With membership application, Applicants for individual membership shall submit a payment of $3,000.
When accepted for membership, this payment is not refundable.
Family Membership
Family memberships are available which allow family members living in the same residence as the primary member to use the Club airplanes. Applications for a family membership require an additional $2,000 for each additional family member.

Click here to fill out our online application form

Monthly Dues

The Club’s monthly dues are currently a very reasonable $135. Dues go to covering our fixed costs such as hangar rental, insurance, debt service, and certain fixed maintenance expenses (annual inspections, etc.).

Rental Rates

Rental rates for each plane are based on the hourly rate for the aircraft plus the average hourly fuel burn. Fuel prices are adjusted weekly based on our base FBO prices. You can view current rental rates on our Fleet page.


Scheduling is done via the Club’s scheduling website. Scheduling is first-come, first-served. Prospective members can log in as a guest and see the current schedule.
To view the schedule as a guest:
User Name:
Password: #1ClubInKC

Instructors are not employees of, or contractors for, Flying Club of Kansas City. Scheduling of flight instructors is done by contacting each instructor individually. Contact information is available on the Instruction page.