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Several Club members are certified flight instructors who are authorized to provide instruction in the Club’s aircraft. These instructors are not employees, but are simply authorized by the Club to provide instruction in Club aircraft.

Flight instructors can help you get your private pilot certificate, an instrument rating, or an advanced rating like commercial or ATP. With many thousands of hours between them, these CFIs can help you become a safer and more proficient pilot.

Because Club instructors are not Club employees they set their own rates. Most CFIs generally charge between $50 and $60 per hour. Payment is made directly to the CFI, typically via cash or check, though some may take credit cards. Some instructors accept Venmo and/or PayPal.

Contact any of the instructors with questions or to schedule instruction time. The Flying club of Kansas City emphasizes safety from the ground to the air.

Not all instructors provide instruction in all club aircraft. Please refer to the chart below.

Please Note:

Trevor Henson

Trevor soloed at age 16, and had a CFI certificate by age 19. He is a 2014 graduate of the Kansas State Aviation Program. In his relatively short teaching career, he has totaled up more than 1,000 hours of instruction. When not teaching flying, Trevor flies a Phenom 100/300 for Air Share.

Reach Trevor at 309-258-6181 or by email

Kevin Kissinger

Kevin, the Club’s Chief CFI, started to fly in 1974 when he joined a flying club and learned to fly a Cessna 150 for fun. Kevin became an instructor in 2000 and recently earned his CFI-I rating. Kevin strives to provide pleasant and challenging training that enables pilots to reach their aviation goals.

Reach Kevin at 660-864-6136 or by email

Sarah Owens

In her “real life” Sarah is an Air Traffic Controller at the Kansas City Air Route Traffic Control Center. In 2007 she ventured to the other side of the scope and quickly attained commercial, instrument, and various flight instructor ratings. In addition to sharing her love of flying with her students, she shares her enthusiasm for flying through her involvement with Pilots ‘n’ Paws, Challenge Air, Women in Aviation, and Girls with Wings.

Reach Sarah at 913-271-4802 or by email

Chad Thompson

Chad found his passion for flight instruction while serving in the Air Force as C-130J and MQ-1B instructor and evaluator pilot. After separating from the military in 2022, his enthusiasm for flying naturally led him to GA flying with FCKC where he uses his CFII and CFMEI experience to help build confident, capable, and safety-minded aviators. He is a full-time Southwest Airlines first officer and a part-time Air Force Academy recruiter/mentor and lives in Overland Park with his wife and 4 kids.

Reach Chad at 724-462-4766 or by email

Steve Wynne

Steve is an instructor who believes in a holistic approach to learning and is passionate about getting people involved in aviation. Steve is a full time Garmin Avionics Support Specialist and a part time CFI-I with aviation mechanic experience. He truly believes that “Any day you can talk about airplanes, is a good day.” Steve is available on week days after 4pm and weekends for all training needs including high performance/complex endorsements, primary, and instrument training. He is qualified to teach and checkout in all airplanes in the FCKC fleet.

Reach Steve at 815-212-3531, facebook, or by email

Pete Parbel

Pete has been flying GA aircraft since 2002 and has been a military aircraft Navigator since 1999. He works part-time as a CFI with FCKC, a tow pilot with the Midwest Soaring Association, and as a Mission Pilot, Safety Officer and Ops Officer in the MOWG Civil Air Patrol. When he’s not in an airplane, he works as a Hydrologist for the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill, MO

Reach Pete by email

Allison Miller

In 5 years of flying, Allison as acquired over 1200 flying hours and 600 hours of instruction time. She holds CFI, CFII, and MEI ratings Allison has a 100% pass rate on check rides for herself as well as her students. She is a full time instructor who enjoys flying for fun. She volunteers for both aviation and animal rescue endeavors in her spare time.

Reach Allison at 503-867-2963 or by email

Chris Hope

Chris Hope, began teaching in 1972. He holds an FAA Gold Seal Instructor rating, is a five-time Master CFI, and was named the FAA Flight Instructor of the Year for the Midwest region.

Reach Chris at 816-868-7655 or by email

Ed Young

Ed Young is an attorney with Jetlaw, LLC. His sole practice area is aviation law. He is a CFI/I and MEI. He served as the Director of Aviation for the State of Kansas and is a former Executive Director of the Aerospace Center for Excellence. He was inducted into the Kansas Aviation Hall of Fame in 2019. He received an AOPA Distinguished CFI Award in 2018. His LinkedIn profile is available here: He is a co-author of Jetlaw Explained: Airport Edition (2023). He teaches aviation courses for K-State and continuing legal educations course in aviation law. Ed is more laid back than his bio. A fellow flight instructor once quipped that Ed could teach a garden gnome to fly. He accepts private students struggling to finish their license and annual and flight review pilots. Text is the best method of communication.

Reach Ed at 913-708-5970 or by email

Neal Sobba

Neal has been flying for over ten years. He has an A&P license and worked as a technician for Textron Aviation for 7 years. He received a Masters of Science in Aeronautics with a focus on Aviation Safety from Embry-Riddle in 2016. Neal is passionate about aviation and ensuring that his students receive the highest level of training.

Reach Neal at 316-680-9423

Nick Blair

Nick has been around GA since he was kid and obtained his private at 17. He currently works full time as a Pilot with Airshare and on the side as a CFII with ATD Flight Systems and FCKC. He enjoys spreading his passion for aviation with others and strive to make a fun learning environment that incorporates knowledge of old and new technologies. In his spare time he likes to mix his passion of flying and animal rescue by volunteering for Pilots N Paws. He llives about 5 mins from LXT and is available for all types of instruction.

Reach Nick at 816-878-5501 or by email

* Instructors are not employees of, or contractors for, Flying Club of Kansas City.
Not all instructors provide all services in all planes. Please consult the table below before contacting an instructor.

= Yes
= Contact Instructor

Student Training Checkouts
Private Instrument Commercial 172 Archer 182 Saratoga Debonair Flight Review